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This is our story

At PrimaEvo Nicaragua our mission is simple. Promote local entrepreneurship by facilitating a platform that offers fresh, nutritious and high quality products to our clients' homes and businesses.

We pride ourselves on caring for the environment, fairly compensating our local partners for their products, taking care of our employees, providing excellent customer service, and promoting longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a variety of locally grown produce throughout the year. PrimaEvo products are grown using high-tech agricultural practices, including hydroponic systems and drip irrigation box beds, which are more environmentally friendly as they use less water and resources than traditional farming methods and help in obtaining a tender and fresh product. All within a state-of-the-art mesh greenhouse that allows us to produce pesticide and herbicide free products.

We also provide mentoring, financing and technology transfer to the local entrepreneurs with whom we partner. Supplying some of the tastiest and healthiest delicacies our country has to offer, delivered right to your doorstep, allowing you to live a healthy, hassle-free lifestyle.


PrimaEvo was founded by retired serial entrepreneur Alberto Yardi, with the intention of empowering Nicaraguans to achieve their aspirations by providing education, tools, and practical experience to become entrepreneurs.

Each member of our team is an entrepreneur in training.
When they are ready, we separate a service or business unit from PrimaEvo and transfer ownership to the new entrepreneur. Through our microcredit financing, mentoring and distribution platform, provided by PrimaEvo and our partners, we provide a solid foundation for your success. Whenever possible we focus on single mothers.

This approach makes our team members highly motivated and strive to provide the best product and service, as their interest is aligned with those of PrimaEvo.


Meet the people who make PrimaEvo what it is.


Our facilities and growing methods allow us to leave a smaller footprint on the environment, while producing beautifully tender, healthy and great tasting greens.


Growing crops free of pesticides and herbicides is a challenge in most conditions, in this hot subtropical climate, it has been a monumental effort.


Additionally, we grow products that are better suited for colder climates, adding another layer of complexity.


Our most recent addiction has been an inverted osmosis and ultraviolet filtration system to homogenize the water and eliminate any bacteria that could come in our well water. Essential element to produce consistent product with maximum hygiene.


All our production is enclosed in a series of high-density antifungal mesh greenhouses. Reducing the incidence of insect attacks by 90% and protecting plants from strong winds from November to March. Entry to the greenhouses is restricted, through double doors, a decontamination shoe trench and a hand sanitizer unit.


More than 300 foggers are used to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse by 10 degrees during peak heat hours.

Hydroponic System Type

For our highly nutritious leaves, we use a tropicalized hybrid NFT hydroponic system with three nutrition profiles optimized for the 8 different leaves we grow.

Vegetable beds

Our vegetables are grown in raised beds with drip irrigation. We use high quality compost and lombriumus mixed with our internal compost.


All products are harvested with a head net, mouth cover and gloves. Leafy vegetables are not washed, as they have never been in contact with the ground and are rinsed with the disinfected water sprayers 3 times a day throughout the growing period. The vegetables are disinfected in apple cider vinegar water.

Plastic free

PrimaEvo is plastic free. All of our containers are reusable glass jars or biodegradable corn / coconut and our packaging is all paper.