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Subscription & Loyalty

As a way of thanking you for your continued support of our products, we have launched the SubscriptionLoyalty where you can enjoy GREAT DISCOUNTS just by following a few simple steps.


Our Subscription program allows you to enjoy a 10% discount on our fruits and vegetables and 5% on other products.
Key Features:

✔️ 10% discount on all fruits and vegetables (unlimited).
✔️ 5% discount on all other products (no limit).
✔️ Save time by ordering the same products every time.
✔️ We only require a minimum order of 5 USD.
✔️ Cancel at any time.
✔️ You will not be charged automatically. An invoice will be automatically emailed to you upon delivery of your subscription.

✔️ Easy and flexible payment: cash, bank transfer or credit card payments.


  1. Choose a product and then click to open it or open a new link to the product page.
  2. Below the product description, choose the quantity you would like to obtain as a recurring order.
  3. Below the sub-total there are two options: "order once" and "subscribe and deliver". Choose the last one.
  4. Choose the time interval when you want the product delivered to you.
  5. Press add to cart. Press continue shopping to add more products.
  6. Repeat the steps mentioned above to add other products that you want to be part of your subscription.
  7. Proceed to pay as usual.
  8. Once you have completed your order, your subscription will be active.
  9. On the day of your next delivery (depending on the time you have chosen), you will receive an automatic invoice. Cancel your account using your preferred payment method (cash, bank transfer, or credit card).

Loyalty Program

Key Features:

✔️ Earn points easily by becoming a PrimaEvo member, by engaging with your social networks, making referrals to other people, and making purchases online.
✔️ Earn 100 points on your birthday!
✔️ Earn double points once you reach 5,000 points.

✔️ Earn triple points once you reach 10,000 points.
✔️ Convert points into discount codes. Now a lot on your next purchase!


  1. Register through the PrimaEvo page.
  2. Find the loyalty widget at the bottom center of your screen on your account page and take the actions listed on the widget.
  3. Buy as usual.
  4. Once your order has been paid, you will receive an email confirming the points earned.
  5. To use your points, go back to the widget and convert your points. This will give you a discount code.
  6. When paying, add the discount code in the discounts section.
  7. NOTE: Only one discount code can be applied for each transaction.